Live online transformative 12-month yoga support programme

For busy mid-life women ready to create and claim more space for themselves

Are you ready to learn yoga tools, practices, and perspectives that will empower you to unlock more time and spaciousness in your life and finally move beyond exhaustion and overwhelm?

This programme is for you if…

  • You’re a mid-life woman
  • You’re constantly juggling and responding to multiple demands on your time and energy
  • You’re always “on the go”, dashing from one commitment to the next
  • You struggle to consistently take any quality time for yourself
  • You really want to establish your own consistent yoga practice – but you feel you don’t have the time, or you don’t know where to start
  • You want to move your knowledge and experience of yoga beyond a weekly class or occasional workshop
  • You're ready to claim more space for yourself in your own life

Does this sound familiar?

  • Life feels like a constant juggle, and you feel pulled in a million directions
  • You’re so overwhelmed that it’s often a struggle to focus on just one thing at a time – and you end up feeling like you’re doing everything badly
  • There is always somebody else's needs ahead of yours and quite frankly it's exhausting
  • You sometimes feel like you’re invisible – that those around you only see you in terms of what you do for them
  • You’re too worried about upsetting or disappointing others to tell them what YOU need
  • You are emotionally and physically exhausted
  • You can’t remember when you last spent time really connecting with or caring for yourself
  • You often find yourself snapping and losing your patience with the people closest to you
  • You are stuck in a pattern of people-pleasing and end up with nothing left in the tank for YOU
  • Finding any time for you to spend on yourself feels impossible

If any of this resonates for you, trust me when I say I get it: all of these things have been my reality too. A reality that I normalised for far too long. It wasn’t until I hit my own rock bottom that I realised just how critical it was for me to value myself and claim my own space. It was only when I reached a point where I was no longer able to function enough to continue meeting others’ needs, that I started giving myself permission to prioritise and communicate my own needs. And even then, I was only able to get to that point of valuing and prioritising myself from within the safe space of my yoga practice.

If you’ve already hit your rock bottom, YogaSpace is here to help you. And if you haven’t hit rock bottom, don’t wait until you do. YogaSpace is here to support you transforming your experience of your own life, through your yoga practice.

Imagine how it would feel to…

  • Develop the CONFIDENCE to claim more space for yourself – and establish healthy boundaries with those around you
  • Gain more mental CLARITY – and move beyond overwhelm
  • Find the COURAGE to prioritise your own needs – and learn to live more authentically, aligned with your true self
  • CONNECT more healthily and lovingly with others – and let go of resentment and impatience
  • Find a COMMUNITY of like-minded women to accompany and support you in your quest to CLAIM MORE SPACE in your own life

Here's what you'll get

YogaSpace is a 12-month online programme. Here’s what you’ll get over those 12 months:

Access to YogaSpace with HeidiA private online space for you to connect with me and with other YogaSpace members. A space to share learnings and experiences, to seek help, to support each other. A space for us to create a community of confident, clear, courageous, connected women.

Each month, you’ll receive:

  • A Yoga Concepts sessionI’ll introduce you to a key yoga concept. We’ll reflect and discuss how we might apply the concept to our yoga practice, and to life off the mat.
  • An Asana sessionI’ll guide you through a physical yoga practice, and encourage you to weave this month’s yoga concept into your asana practice.
  • A Pranayama sessionI’ll guide you through a breathwork practice, and encourage you to weave this month’s yoga concept into your pranayama practice.
  • A Meditation sessionI’ll guide you through a meditation practice, and encourage you to weave this month’s yoga concept into your meditation practice.
  • A YogaSpace reflection sessionI’ll hold a space for you to share your experience of integrating this month’s concept into your practice and your life, and reflect on how you might continue to do this to help you find and claim more space in your life.

All sessions are delivered online: you can attend the sessions live and you’ll also have access to the session recordings for the duration of the YogaSpace programme.

And there’s more…

You’ll also receive three bonus workshops – introducing you to other practices and concepts to help you create more space in your life.


A 12-month online yoga programme to help you develop tools, practices, and perspectives that will empower you to unlock more time and spaciousness in your life

Best value

  • Early bird: £995 one-off payment
  • Regular price: £1,200 one-off payment

Monthly plan

  • Early bird: £100 per month x12
  • Regular price: £115 per month x 12

Extra bonus for Early Bird bookings: get 12 months of access to my regular weekly online yoga classes (live class, and the class recording).